Invisible Parts in a Union

Hello there!
I am trying to make a doorframe for a shop I am making in a game. Right now I have made a union with a normal part and a negative part to make the space where the door will go, but it looks like an invisible part is blocking half of the door. I noticed this happening in some other unions as well. Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix this?

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Try changing the collision fidelity property of the union to “PreciseConvexDecomposition”
this should fix any weird collision problems


To add on to @IncredibleTeamAidan, try not to use unions in your game if you don’t need to. Unions can create more problems such as collision issues and lag. If you’re making a simple rectangle doorframe, just parts would be better to use.

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and if it’s an abstract shape (not right angles etc,) it would probably be best to look into 3D modeling in blender or maya instead of using unions.