Invisible parts issue

Hello! I will get straight to the point here. So Ive been building in my game for a solid week, however for some reason my bricks/unions are becoming invisible. I have no idea why, for the transparency is 0. It was there before, but its just not visible and I do not know what to do. The only thing I have done different is put bricks in folders to make it more organized.

There are no scripts in the game. Ive just been strictly inserting bricks. Any ideas?


Not to be rude, but there are tons of threads on this already. It’s a common problem, with I believe a few work arounds.

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It’s because of new bug. I seen many posts like this. This issue has been already reported by a community sage. I guess all you can do is wait or make models in blender.


I had not seen such a thing, but how did it happen? if the transparency is at 0 and it should be visible as you say

I did not realize, I just wanted to make sure I wasnt losing my mind or doing something terribly wrong! Thank you though!

Thank you for alerting me of this!

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Apparently it is a bug, hopefully it gets resolved soon!

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Yes friend, for the next I will make sure, and that I do not even work with xD blocks

well let’s say a little lol
Well thank You for the notice