Invisicam does not have smooth zoom on mouse wheel

Invisicam does not have smooth scrolling support, unlike the other camera types. Instead, it still jumps in notches as per the old behavior. As a developer using invisicam, this creates a sub-standard experience for my players. Anyone using inviscam will experience this same issue.

This happens everywhere, and seems like it’s clearly a bug. It’s been like this for a while now.

Please, update the core scripts so that invisicam operates properly.

Note: This may be a feature request. Feel free to move this to the feature requests section.


This is still an issue. I use Invisicam in my game for game design reasons and it’s disappointing for camera movement to feel more janky in my game than in most other games. Zoom cameras have had this feature for over two years now, which makes it feel like this feature has been forgotten - even though many games would benefit from it.

Even if it still takes some time to release, it would be great to know that a solution for this is being worked on.

(I apologize for the necrobump. I would have posted a new bug report/feature request, but can’t because I don’t have Regular status.)

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Still an issue!
I’m gonna use my opportunity here to also suggest enabling poppercam collisions for the ignoreList objects.