Invitation to roblox research panel

I’ve recently got a message where a system bot gives me an invitation for the “Roblox Research Panel”. All I need to do is to complete a survey where it asks me some weird things like what is my age, my email and this kind of stuff. The message looks like this:

If you any of you know what this thing is all about please tell me if it’s legit or not.

Well if it’s from the official system account, it’s legit. Also, you aren’t being forced to join it, it’s simply an invitation, if you’re not interested in it, just ignore it.

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Have you got this invitation before?

Nope, clearly I’m not cool enough.

Why would Roblox choose me for the Roblox Research Panel?

A lot of people have gotten it, it might be for people who have specific details or it might just be random people. Roblox does like to only select a certain percentage of users to roll out stuff to.

Ok, ok, I got it but the thing is if I click the survey it gets me to a website like “Qualtrics Survey”. Wouldn’t it be more correct if it was, like, on the official Roblox website?

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That is the website Roblox uses for surveys.

Oh, ok then. Thank you for the info that you’ve provided.

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This panel is for Roblox to present ideas, concepts and gather research from you in the form of zoom calls with Roblox staff, they’ll ask for your thoughts for their research for future features they’ll be working on, you may be compensated for providing your thoughts (usually 100-200$, but sometimes higher)


I received this message as well, I know a lot did. But what ratio got one? This has my curiosity piqued.

I have also got invited to the Roblox Research Panel. However i just filled out the survey, I wish any luck to people who responded too!

I have also gotten this message, could anyone explain what it means, specifically? I know it’s a survery, but what for?

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It is 100% legit. I also got this and an easy way to know is if there is a moderator symbol next to the name

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