Inviting specific users to a Group Team Create

Hello there,

I think it would be a very cool idea if Roblox were to add the ability to invite specific people in the group with group edit access to be able to edit a game.

What this would do is allow users to only edit on games they were specifically invited to, which would replace the idea of having everyone with group permission to edit places, from having access to every place inside the group.

I believe this would add another layer of security and trust to development teams of all sizes, letting the group owner give scripters access to the scripting games, animators access to the animation creation places, builders access to only the building place and so on, all still with them being able to be in the main group.


I don’t understand how it is possible that this is still not a feature. Professional development on big studio levels with multiple games is not maintainable when Roblox does not even let you select who can edit a game or not. Choosing between ranks does not cut it. What if a user works on multiple projects?

This is a must have feature for proper professional development and Roblox needs to address this.