Invoking a Remote Function errors Argument 1 missing or nil?

When I try to invoke a Remote Function from the client it gives an error saying argument 1 missing or nil?

This RemoteFunction is used for teleporting the “players” inside an party lobby. The Current Selection is the Chapter that they want to start on. I don’t know what i’m missing here?


Remote Event don’t use InvokeServer they use FireServer

Sorry I Misspelled that it is a RemoteFunction

I think I Might’ve tracked down the problem something weird is happening with teleporting on the server.


you should probably print code, players, and chapter variables to see if any of them are nil; if that is not the case then you are probably missing an argument for TeleportToPrivateServer

Looks like I figured it out, the players variable had to be set to an other table cause it contained the players instances and not a table like the players variable was. Thanks.