iOS 6 Update Logs

Hello, and again, welcome to the iOS 6 Update Logs.

You can see a list of builds and their changelogs here. This will be updated when a new build is released.

Build 182

Build 179

  • Added support for mobile devices with notches/holepunches

Build 173

  • Added the Achivement page to the OS Menu
  • Added an Achievement popup when you get a badge
  • Re-added the profile button to the OS menu
  • Leave Game button is now easier to access in the OS menu

Build 170

  • Removed profile button from the OS menu
  • Added an Invite Friends button to the OS menu
  • Re-organised buttons on the OS Menu
  • Added the Friends page to the OS Menu

Build 165

  • Added Rounded Corners to setup to improve accuracy
  • StatusBar is now opaque during setup
  • StatusBar now shows the time during setup
  • Added an (i) on the first page of setup
  • Added scrolling text on the Language page of setup
  • Language page now displays your system’s language
  • Redesigned alert that pops up when switching pages
  • Country page now shows the country you’re in
  • Fixed Country or Region text being too big
  • Added loading spinner to the Device Activation page
  • Made final page of setup more accurate

Earlier build update logs can be found on our Social server, which can be found in our Social Links on the game page or on our Group page.

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