iOS refuses to keep TextBox focused

From my testing, iOS devices refuse to keep TextBox focused. I’m not able to try with Android, but I’m sure the problem would exist there too. Usually, to force a TextBox to be constantly focused, you can call :CaptureFocus() on a TextBox right as its FocusLost event is fired. However, on iOS (and probably other TouchEnabled devices), this is disrespected, and the device is able to free its focus from the TextBox.

Currently, you cannot try to reproduce this bug while in Studio because of another bug that crashes Studio while emulating a TouchEnabled device, so you must use a game client.

This bug happens every time. Here are the steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Create a TextBox in a ScreenGui.
  2. In a LocalScript, call :CaptureFocus() on the TextBox when its FocusLost event is fired.

The bug happens on www. It is not game or level-specific. Example, uncopylocked place

PC, expected result: