iOS topbar text color always black when initially opening the Roblox app

When initially opening the Roblox app, the iOS topbar text color will not change to white if you have the dark theme option selected.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Set your theme to “Dark” under settings
  2. Force close the Roblox app
  3. Reopen the Roblox

Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max
Operating System: 14.0 beta 7


Hi, I tried to reproduce this bug but it doesn’t seem to behave like yours. Mine works perfectly fine, even when I first open the app.

However I did notice that you used an iPhone 11 Pro Max, whereas I used an iPhone X. Also, you’re using the beta version of iOS 14.0 while I used iOS 13.4.1. Not sure if these play a factor in this bug but it was interesting.


[My POV]

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I am still able to reproduce the bug with the original specs given so it appears not to have been fixed.

I can confirm this happens on Android 10 as well.

System Specs

Android 10.
Pixel 4.

It happens just the way to explained, after force closing.


I am in the process of checking over bug reports and following up on some bugs that haven’t received any activity in a while.
Is this issue still occurring or can you confirm that this bug has been resolved?


This issue no longer occur with dark theme, however, it still occurs with light theme where the topbar text is always white.

I have tested with black and white theme the issue still occur BUT if you play a random game and come back to home page it fix itself

Thanks. I will pass that info on to the engineers.


Sorry to bump but any news when this will get fixed?