iOS/Android app "aa" on ROBLOX


I’ve attempted to bring the game aa to ROBLOX. While the current version of the game isn’t that pretty, it is, for the most part, functional enough to play. There are currently 30 levels of differing speed(s), amount of pins (or whatever they are, that’s what I call them), etc…

None of your data saves right now, but that’s coming very soon. As well as a leaderboard where you can see how well you stack up against your friends. If you see anything wrong with the game, something it’s missing, or anything of that nature please feel free to message me on here, the developer forum, or on ROBLOX.


Here’s a screenshot of how my version of the wheel looks:

Looks awesome! Works great except for the fact that sometimes I get away with touching another numbered dot or having the last one touch one of the original black dots.
Also, The dots seem to slide just a bit when placed.

Otherwise, I am blown away with how well this was executed! :slight_smile: Great job!

They’re supposed to, that’s the throwing animation.

They’re supposed to, that’s the throwing animation. [/quote]

No I get that, but once they already attach to the circle they sort of slide around the circle

“aa”, the sound I make when I’m one pin away from winning and mess it up. 10/10 would recommend to family and friends.

I’ll investigate this.

I’ve fixed this. I noticed it last night, but didn’t have the time to fix it until now.


Now I need more.

Ooo, 50 levels.

Finally a game that puts my bunny hopping skills to the test.