IPhone X Recreation : Concern & Thoughts


Look. I’m always working towards a realistic standard, as I’ve been developing for law enforcement roleplay groups which center around some sort of realism, like Liberty County by @mrfergie.

However, I’ve had some concerns lately on how realistic I can get with UI designing without facing legality issues.

Here’s what I have so far in my prototyping (brands are parodies)

I have so much planned for this creation, but I’m still wondering if it’s okay for me to do things like this.

What are your thoughts?


Redesign it immediately. With the copyright scandals of the past, you don’t know how long you can avoid getting busted for and it’s a much better bet to redesign the home button then risk a lawsuit. However, if you alter it just slightly, you can pass it off as a parody. That’s your best bet.


I think a big part of this is that sure, there is a chance that someone might make a request to have the content removed, but it is highly unlikely to catch the eye of anyone as long as you don’t use brand names or logos that are not generic like the messager speech bubble. However, you are not losing the sense of being realistic if you change the design to not be a copy of an existing model, and you are saving yourself from risks with little extra work so I recommend that you do so.Your use of the Roblox logo is not clearly covered, but you can read this for guidelines regarding the use of the logo.


Nova is absolutely right here. Like I said in the post above his, definitely go for a more parody look and maybe even include a message on the startup of the game clarifying it


You should be fine making a parody phone & apps, as long as you don’t explicitly copy brands, logos, images, etc. imo (but of course no guarantees). Get creative with it and add your own design, maybe replace the home bar with something more appropriate for PC usage, as it was designed for touch screen - it looks hard to hit with a mouse


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Honestly. I don’t see a problem with any it. Reminder to change it so it doesn’t say iPhoneX though. That’s the thing that’ll get you in trouble. As far as what @NovaCoepta brought up about the brand guidelines for using a Roblox logo is, those are guidelines not rules. I.E. You don’t have to follow them, just Roblox appreciates when you do. Your use of it though is neat in my opinion and everything you’re doing is falling under fair use via parody. Look at how GTA V has the Pear Phones that look very iPhone like. It’s not about how close in relation your object looks to another object. It’s about the trademarks you use. (I.E. Logos and names)

So pretty much, don’t call it an iPhone and keep doing fake names and logos like SpotBlox.


Agreed. If copyright was about how close the physical object was, my game wouldn’t exist, as we use tons of locomotive designs by EMD and GE. I’m sure the same thing applies to your racecars with whoever makes them, etc.