Iris - Immediate Mode UI library, based on Dear ImGui

I’ve just started using the library and so far I’m super happy with it!
I will now use this in all my projects for debugging and visualizing data!
Thank you to the devs maintaining and supporting the creation of the resource!!


Is there a way to easily add image labels? I’m looking to make admin UI with this and player images are much easier than selecting usernames

Who’s we with the modification of all?

Personally, I don’t use debug UIs much but effective debugging is usually done through the efforts of utilizing UI, breakpoints, watch variables, and printing altogether. Only a small percentage like you will dare to miss out on tools that may help you throughout your development career.

There is no problem with you not using it. There is a problem with you interpret on how it is used along with the biased language. This seems helpful when you just want to not design UI but you’re releasing a project that engage in such like physics and rendering with configurations.

try to make it as a custom widget maybe

We are working on adding Images but I’m not sure about the best way to accommodate all the different image options into one simple widget.

For now, as has been mentioned, you are able to create your own widget for them with the settings you need.

Its happening again, when character dies and respawns the ui disappears.

Oh, i want to ask about custom widgets… Documentation doesn’t really help much, and i mean the page “Creating Custom Widgets” to be exact.

I’ve managed to understand, that Iris.Internal.WidgetConstructor is the core function for constucting widgets. But when i runned it with all properly written arguments it returned absolutely nothing. I couldn’t even get where the widget got stored and how do i activate it.

Instead, i had to look to the source code to find what actually triggers the widget. And it was Iris.Internal._insert which isn’t mentioned on the page at all.

I managed to create the widget by the tutorial, but not get how to run it.

It doesnt work after character respawns. Am I the only one with this issue?

Yes, sorry about that. I added some extra information to that page, but it hasn’t been published yet, so it would not have made much sense.

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Where is your script placed and are you getting any error? It works fine when placed under StarterPlayerScripts but not under StarterCharacterScripts.

I have a safewall where only the server can clone the script into player who have the right. Couldnt access playerscripts from server so I put in playergui. No errors unless I attempt to clone it back into the playergui again then it says that the module can only be initlized once.

So the issue is that every time you spawn, the scripts inside of PlayerGui will be created and run, which attempts to Initialise Iris multiple times. I’m not sure what the best way to selectively replicate this into the client. You could possibly have a script inside the PlayerScripts which waits for the Iris module to be passed into StarterGui and then moves it into PlayerScripts so it doesn’t respawn?

I tried cloning it into playergui and make script pick it up into playerscripts. It still didnt however if you cloned it into player itself then call a remote event to the client to pick it up then it works its not necessary to call remotevent.

Thanks for the help!

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ii’m not sure that PlayerGui is great place to store local scripts (except they’re in guis) at all