Iron man helmet idea

Yesterday I made the iron man helmet in Tinkercad, I was literally 3h doing it UwU, but it was worth it! I hope that this hat will be in the catalog ;w;


Could you try fitting it onto a roblox character in studio?

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That is a nice model. But the question is what are you going to do with that?

This is a decent model. Very good for the software being used! But, this would be copyrighted in an instant if uploaded to the catalog as UGC. I suggest downloading blender and learning it. It has a steep learning curve, but its worth it at the end. But, if you keep using this software, I suggest making unique original concepts :slight_smile:

Last thing, you should export it as an obj, and import it into roblox studio to see how it looks (Here’s how you do it, I signed up for an account just to show you :slight_smile:)
Press everything in this design

and then export as obj!

after that, go into a PUBLISHED Roblox game, and insert a mesh part into your explorer like this:
press the plus sign.
it should be the one im hovering over.

go into the properties panel (while the new meshpart is selected)
and then press file, now press your helmet!
And there you have it!
Can you show us the screenshots if you do this? And ask me any questions if needed!