Irregular Plugin

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Irregular Plugin is a plugin in which I compiled various plugins I made for myself to make certain aspects of various projects easier. However, I realized that others might find these tools useful as well, thus I created this plugin.

Currently, there are only a few features that I already had made and just moved over. However, my hope is that I can continuously expand this plugin to contain a bunch of random features at the request of the community.

Therefore, if you have something you think is very basic but also important to have, and would like me to add it to the plugin, feel free to comment on this post, message me on Roblox (must be following me), or add a comment to the plugin itself.


These are the features that are currently included (hopefully this list will grow soon!):

Auto Anchor - Anchors all new parts created (also saves, so you don’t have to re-enable it each time you enter studio).

Camera-To-Part - Creates a part at the Camera’s CFrame, useful (and specifically made) for creating camera positions for things such as cutscenes.

Model Weld - Welds a model together. This can already be done with studio’s built-in features, however, I wanted all of the welds to be parented to the model’s primary part, so I made this.

Directory Numberer - Numbers all of the children of a directory. I have no idea why I made this. I think I have only used it once.

Ghost Model - This allows you to quickly make a model transparent & remove collisions, as well as vice versa. Though not commonly needed, it does come in handy occasionally.

Texture Transfer - This allows you to quickly transfer textures or decals from one part to another. (community requested feature)

Custom Selection - This allows you to customize the thickness and transparency of the selection box (also saves, so you don’t have to change the settings each time). (community requested feature)

Script Remover - Removes scripts from the selected instances. (community requested feature)

Game Organizer - Organizes unnamed, common instances into folders. (community requested feature)

Union Colorer - Colors a union (or multiple unions) to the color of a part. (community requested feature)

How to use:

  1. Go ahead and install the plugin (click here to redirect to the plugin).

  2. Once installed, click on the plugins tab on studio.

  3. Then, click on the plugins icon in the plugins tab.

  4. Now, you should have a window on your screen that shows the features as well as an output window. The output window is where messages from the plugin are displayed, as not to clutter up the default studio output.

Source Code:

For anyone concerned about back doors, requires, etc., here is the link to my GitHub post containing the source code. This code will always be up-to-date with the most recent version of the plugin. Click here to be redirected to the source code.


That’s it! I hope y’all find this as useful as I do, and I hope to expand the plugin soon in the future with community features. The plugin is of course free, as I do not believe in restricting tools behind payment. However, if you would like to donate I have a 25 Robux donation item for purchase here. Whether you donate or not, your support is always appreciated!


very useful plugin! includes a lot of features that I’m sure will be of use to myself and others


Glad to hear it, if you think of anything else I would be more than happy to add it!