Irregular/leaning triangles

Hello developers, I’m trying to figure out how to create irregular triangles and not having to make a new mesh and calculate each angle on blender. For example, if I have a few triangles I want to join together to make a leaning pyramid, there isn’t a way to drag a mesh or a shape’s one point to move it as easy as in blender, I cannot use negation and union because it wouldn’t allow meshes…


I think your best bet is blender. In blender, it isn’t nearly as hard as studio in making a leaning pyramid like this

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would connecting them in blender and then importing them into roblox studio work?

you can use triangle terrain plugins which fits triangles inbetween nodes

this the one i use:

these are nice and all and have uses with coding being roblox parts n all but they have inside faces and side faces so blender is more efficient but all in all nothing wrong with these there are pros and cons of either blender being more efficient though


Not quite sure about what you are going for here but this plugin may help you achieve your desired result.