Is 10k r$ enough for starting up a game?

Hey, I have around 10k r$ to sponsor with and I’m wondering if that’s enough to actually start up a game of mine. My goal is to get an average of 15 concurrent players throughout the day, then I’ll make back more than 10k and sponsor that the next day, and so on for a couple weeks or so. Is that plan unrealistic?


You have to think, for a good game: you will need good GFX, most of the GFX maker ain’t cheap, if you’re doing AD’s you still need GFX, also, if I was you, I wouldn’t waste 10k once, I would do it smoothly, example:
1000 a day, 1000 next, etc.

Trust me, it’s hard to get 15 players all days :confused:


I can do gfx well, and as long as I get in on the project I would help for free (%) And 10k for 1k a day is probably a good idea, but the game gas to something that interests people to come back.


Hey there! I have lots of experience retaining a player count above 100-150 players.

I would say 10K is a huge and risky spend. Focus on your game being 100% perfect, share with friends, and on media. If everybody loves it but it still can’t get players, I would start with a cheap sponsor (1K robux).

I’ve rarely had cases where sponsorships or advertisements help the player count long-term.


Hello there,

10K robux is a lot! You could also do… 5K to ads and 5K to sponsors. Then you do 2 days and then you spend 2.500 robux a day on a sponsor/advisor! (5K in 1 day) I would do this personally to spread the word and not every player is online every day!


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It depends. 10k robux is extremely low to start a game. If you are a very skilled developers that is experienced in multiple skill sets relating to game development such as programming, building, UI design, animations, GFX, etc. You may have a chance, but even then you can get tired in the process. 10k is barley enough for advertising, so you need to save as much of it as you can, maybe even all of it. With 10k into advertising, you pretty much just get once chance. Your game has to be extremely good and has to be really good when it comes to maintaining player retention, which is already difficult for games with higher budgets, so I don’t know how you will achieve it. You’d need to put in a lot of work and get in a lot of content to have good player retention. Making that big of a game could take months. Doing it alone could take around or over a year.

So yeah, 10k is unrealistic.


You will definetly get atleast 15 concurrent players throughout the day even if you sponsor with 1k robux a day. Previously i have spent similiar amounts and i got well over 100 concurrent players.

However before starting the sponsorship make sure the game is perfect otherwise you will probably just end up wasting money.

Try building the game yourself but gradually start getting more experianced developers to help you with the more complex aspects of the game

If your GFX skills aren’t that good then you should get a proffesional GFX arist for when you make thumbnails/icons for the game as this will increase the number of views/clicks when you sponsor the game (dont advertise just sponsor as many people have ad blockers)


I disagree. I’ve had a few games get tons of active players with no sponsorships at all. The games I got visits with sponsors only have 1-5K sponsor budgets, and they can retain 20-100 players.


I think the value of that 10k in sponsors is based on what type of game you are making primarily. If you have a good game idea that’s fun to play then that 10k could go a long way, I’ve personally been in a group that sponsored around that much and got around 40 players in one day. Now, that game was very underdeveloped and absolutely not fun to play and yet it kept up 40 concurrent players for at least a day. If that game was good then I bet we could’ve kept at least 11 concurrent players for a week. So, its worth a shot if you’re making a game that is fun to play.

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Very true, 10k is a great amount, make sure to spread it like 1k a day but don’t use to all at once, revamps (when nobody plays for 5 days straight) I would just use the rest then, you don’t need 10k all at one time. Considering payment for devs ect.

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Simple answer, depends on the people you hire. Someone people do cheap and high quality work and others may ask for more. If you’re going to contribute to the game that decreases the total price but if you’re looking to hire a full team I think it could be enough, once again, depends on the people. :+1:

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Fair point, although as I explained it depends. If you’re making a simple but fun game, yeah it’s possible. If you’re just going for 15 ccu, then yeah it’s probably enough. But it’ll be a slow start, and I would say don’t expect to make an even medium quality game. Unless you have all the skill sets, it will be tough.

At the end of the day, advertising alone, 10k is okay to get 15 ccu. But the question is, is all 10k going to advertising/sponsoring? If you have a limited skill set, you will probably need to hire people, and slowly that 10k can go down the drain.


There’s nothing such as a “starting required amount” for games. Advertising is optional and you could share the game via social media (Twitter, Discord, etc.) instead. And if you make a high-quality game, it’ll soon get players even without spending a single Robux. However it also might end up being a hidden gem that has only like 20 concurrent players but is extremely high quality and enjoyable in my opinion (take RBLXWare, for example.)

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To start a game is free, to get attention and revenue for your game will cost something whether it be your robux for ads or sponsors or you needing to cover it on all media.

Plenty of best way to advertise posts on the dev forum if interested, just search them.


Anything above a few thousand robux can get you anywhere. I advertised my game with 5k from the very beginning and it grew rapidly within the first week. I only had around 2,000 visits before then.

It really depends on the game though. You need to find a good way to grow a player base that will keep coming back to your game daily, whether through progression in your game through a shop or through game passes. A very easy way to do this is to include admin commands in your game, but I would not suggest doing this for long-term growth.