Is 10K robux enough to get a game over 100-1000 players?

I have 10 thousand Robux in my budget. I am planning to spend it on promoting my game. Is that enough to get my game over 100-1000 players? Of course I know getting many players is not something that happens overnight, but do you think it is enough to gradually in a few weeks get a good amount of players? My game is a randomly generated obby game with disasters.

I also need input on HOW to advertise. Do I make normal user ads, or would I sponsor my game, and if i would sponsor, do I sponsor it on tablet, PC or phone? What will give me the best outcomes, and what gave you the best outcomes when you were trying to get your game popular.

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you for reading.


Effectiveness of advertising is fully dependent on the game you are advertising. Since you didn’t include the game you’re going to launch in your question, no one is able to guess how your campaign will perform…

Advertising/Promoting a game usually results in a spike of players while the campaign is running, but those players will only come back and drive dynamic growth if your game is somewhat unique over other games on the platform, and offers progression players want to unlock/reach.

Based on your description of “a randomly generated obby game with disasters”, it sounds like your game is quite generic and and will probably not see an influx of players after the advertising campaign finishes.


I agree with @Wsly But I think if you were gonna to promote it your best bet is probably sponsors. Since ad blockers with block the Roblox ads. I have never promoted a game before so I’m probably not the best person to give advise but from what I have heard and seen I think that would be best. Sponsor on tablet/phone since most of Roblox (Usually younger) are on tablets and phones. Your game seen targeted to a younger group.

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I wouldn’t recommend advertising without a fan base (which can be small or big) by the help of social media, However, if your game grants enough playtime for the player not to get bored and play the game on the front page it’s still a 50/50 bet. 50 meaning, Joe walks around the map collecting coins and loves it so much he’ll tell his friends about it his friends come and you push out more content to slowly rise to the front page, the other 50 percent is Joe is playing a simulator, he has roughly 1 minute of playtime and he leaves so will the other players when the Ad stops running and you would’ve burned your robux, with no profit whatsoever.

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Thank you for the advice. Anyways, I need elaboration on the term generic because the only randomly generated obbies I have seen on Roblox are Tower of Hell and it’s many clone games. But again, it is my fault because I did not give an in-depth description. It is a fast paced, round based game, a randomly generated obby out of 30+ pre-made sections, that has randomly occurring disasters, dynamic music zones, client-based objects like disappearing platforms, spinners, elevators, etc. Hope that is a bit more descriptive. Unfortunately I cannot give you the game right now as I have to build more pre-made sections and more disasters that will occur within it. I do want to elaborate that I of course did not plan spending any robux on the game right now this moment, as it is unfinished, but rather have a good insight on what I should do and be ready when it is ready for launch.


When you plan on spending 10,000R$ on ads/sponsors, I would recommend sponsors instead of advertisements as sponsors can be mistaken as a front page game and advertisements can be hidden with adblock or not seen on mobile. So you are losing a massive chunk of potential players when doing user ads.

Though when investing, obbies or parkour games in general don’t sell that many gamepasses compared to roleplay items or in-game weapons. So you might not make profit on your initial investment, but obbies do boast a high average play time. So you might profit in the long run.

When your sponsor/advertisement does end, either you want to be placed in some chart like recommended or appear highly when searching for your game’s keywords. Otherwise you will plummet in player count and could phase into obscurity. A good way to prevent this is to sponsor/advertise for the days after your initial release, this can be done with the profits of day 1 or just rationing your budget.

For player count rises, yes it can happen overnight as most Roblox players are from NA, so depending on the amount you put you might be surprised with your player count in the morning/afternoon.

With 10,000R$, I do believe you could average around ~400 and peak at ~650, though this all depends on the game’s thumbnail and gameplay. So to sum it up, target the largest player groups that give more impressions per robux (mobile) and be prepared to double down if needed.


I do have some game passes in mind already, and I will make them easily accessible for people an all platforms, so I just need to wait and see if they will get profit on release. Thanks for the advice.

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I spent about 10k Robux on a group and it got +150 players so I assume if you have good advertisements you would probably get close to 150 players joining your game or more if the advertisement is good.

I disagree with you mainly because I got different results.

I spent 10k on my group and got 400 members. In total, 15k was spent advertising and I have 630+ members. Games are way different than groups, though. He would earn 500 players and possibly more. Sponsoring is a good move people told me.

Hi, do you mean 500 visits or 50p concurrent players? Im also looking to develop a game and am curious on how much to spend.

I recommend you sponsor your game because most players can see it and it can’t be blocked with an ad blocker.

In my opinion, sponsoring just doesn’t work. I’ve never tried it, but think about it. If you saw a random game you’ve never played before and the word ‘Sponsored’ is under it. Probably, you would not, at least I wouldn’t click it. If you’re advertising, I’d recommend casting it to all platforms your game is playable on. Keep in mind, most people like me, who are on phone and iPad mostly use the Roblox app instead of the website. Advertisements only show on the website for handheld devices.

EDIT: Some users also use ad blockers on the website as they become annoying after awhile.

I also agree with @Wsly and how they said it depends on the game you are advertising. I also think it depends on the quality on the ad. This might just be me, but I usually don’t click on poorly designed ads, only the good ones.

I hope this helped you a little bit. If it didn’t, I apologize.

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