Is 16k triangles lagging for phones?

Hey there developers!

Is 16k triangles lag for phone and old phone, pc??

here the picture of the model, this model has 16k triangles this is a low poly build


Depends on what phone the player is using. Apple users will prob have a run of their money. So no in short.

Robloxs limit is 10k triangles anyway.

its 20k now lol it is 20k nowa ad ad ad

No, i separate it all in roblox studio

It would obviously be better if you tried to lower that count but I don’t think people will really experience much lag from this.

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Short answer: no

However, if you were to add all the features of your game, it could. After looking at the model there are definitely ways to optimise this though to not worry about it.

Solution #1: The amount of bolts on the walls could be reduced. Perhaps remove 1 in every 2 and it will still give the same impression, but half the amount of potential lag for the bolts.

Solution #2: Things as simple as the railings dont need to be rounded. By making it curved you are adding unnecessary triangles to the game (especially if its mobile).

Solution #3: (tiny difference) The pipe at the top doesn’t need that many cuts to show that its curved. You could simply have 2 cuts and it would look just as good.

Question: Are you counting the triangles of just the model or are you counting it with the rig behind included - this could be causing the triangle count to be so high

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Oh sorry the rig doesn’t count I forgot I put solidify in every model in the room so without the solidify all triangles is 6K

Thanks for the solution, the room is 4k triangles now!

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