Is 20K triangles for one gun model too much?

I had a 3d modeler approach me and say 20K triangles for a gun model was fine and wouldn’t impact performance. Is this true?


There isn’t a problem
Roblox should be able to handle that
Also roblox performance dips more from part count then tri count


How ever if you do will use them with , constant 30+ players using them , you should have any issue if your pc is at least decent , aswell as , you should use 3rd person models


That seems like a lot for one gun.


Seems like too much in my opinion for Roblox. I’m pretty sure last time I checked the maximum triangle count for a single mesh in studio was 10K triangles, so 20K for one mesh seems like a bit of a stretch. Surely you could upload it as two separate meshes, but that may impact performance in your game.

Tell the modeler to try using the decimate modifier in order to reduce the triangles of the mesh but retain the same look.


20K isn’t really that much, you’re fine.


I have talked to a gun modeller before named KalaKromotos, and from my experience he said that 20k tri’s shouldn’t be too much.

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Given that even the Raspberry Pi 4 (Which starts at just $35 USD) can render over 250k tris at about 45 FPS at any given time, for an item that is going to be easily seen in depth by the end user, this is a reasonable triangle count.

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20k is usually a lot of overly complex geometry for a single asset on Roblox. I can almost guarantee that you could simplify a lot of it and just use a texture to show the detailing.

@MB_Sniper, Parts are usually less of an issue than complex mesh parts, since Part geometry is known to the client and are much lighter weight in memory use.

@PoptartNoahh they’re probably fine but that’s not as performance friendly as they could be by a long shot, which is the larger concern.

@WarMSG it’d usually be better to have significantly less tris and favour a texture instead.

@PolarisWasInDenial what? That can’t at all be applicable to Roblox at run time.

In short, if performance is your main goal (which for Roblox’s limitations, usually is), you should typically favour a low poly count gun with a texture. Let your textures show the detail.


I agree that it’s too much for a gun that would be carried around. It might be ok for a shop that loads on the client while the player is choosing a wpn…Could prob figure out how to do something like that without affecting performance anyway. Use it to render images. There may be other occasions where that detail is worth the cost (skeptical face).

Your main worry may be that a high-detail gun like that would look out of place unless other objects in your game were also similarly detailed (assuming the gun is built correctly and actually warrants that detail). Probably depends on the game and the density of the maps and how many players you are likely to see at any time, etc. as to whether the guns cause you any trouble in practice. Generally speaking, a model for something like that doesn’t need to be that dense to look great, and there are limits you will run up against eventually. Being frugal with those tris is the prudent approach.

Anyway, you’ll know where to start trimming detail if/when that’s needed.

Edit: Quick web search. For some perspective, this (off-site, non-roblox 3D example) whole character is less than 16K tris. That better be one impressive looking gun.

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You should be targeting ~1k or fewer tris for a gun model, assuming that these are high quality models with beveled edges and additional geometric details.

@Fluffmiceter have you ever used blender just a question

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From my personal experience:

A model with 20k triangles will work fine however you don’t want to have lots of weapons with the same number of triangles. Might cause a bit of lag for some / most users.
For the most part you should be alright, the main thing that makes a game slow down is the part count.

I have. For something like a handgun, the estimate I gave is perfectly reasonable.

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Can you please read my post above instead of further spreading bad practices and wrong information for game performance?

In addition to my post correcting other above, Part count alone doesn’t slow down a game any more than any other single memory use category.

20k tris for an asset is fairly high for Roblox in many cases, and I strongly recommend that the developer review their asset for redundant geometry and consider using textures in the place of geometry being used for small detail.


20k triangles for a gun model is kinda bad actually. Roblox first only takes 10k verticies at once, but realize 20k triangles are literally 20k triangles in roblox, but just meshed up in studio.

If your 3d modeler uses blender, tell him to either add a decimate modifer or go to edit mode and press a, then x to limtied dissolve it.

Most gun models I’ve seen in the past are quite low poly, but the textures bring it out as what @Aotrou has said.