Is 45K Robux good enough to start up a game?

I’m planning to start a game, I already got some GFX, i was wondering, if 45K is enough to start it up, and have players,

I have 45K Robux at the moment.

I think it’s enough for advertisement, as I don’t have any more stuff to spend in.

I also have a budget of around 80 Dollars.

Do you think it’s enough to start?
Also, about advertisement, how do you recommend me to spend the Robux?
All days a bit? All days much? Or all in one day?


45k is more than enough to get advertisements through! Flaming usually puts 25k on his games, and he gets up to like 50 players concurrent. If you make a game people really like, it will grow even larger!


How do you recommend me spending the advertisement?
(It’s like the 1221 Project I try, and this time I want it to success)

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With that, I would reccomend 30k pc, 15k wherever else (just not console) just because the type of the game you are making.

Do not spend all the 45k Robux on advertisements in one day.

Here’s what you should do:
Try advertising/sponsoring with a smaller amount of Robux first, maybe like 5-10k or so. Look at the CTR, concurrent players, and like ratio you get that day. If it’s good, then go on the next day with spending the rest of your Robux. If it’s bad, then you should redo some parts of your game and maybe make new thumbnails/icons before you try again. If you spend all your 45k Robux in one day, and the public doesn’t like the game, then you’ve wasted all your Robux.

Here’s a rule of thumb:
When sponsoring/advertising, you must leave a good first impression. If your first impression on the player is not good, then the player will not come back to play your game again. So make it good, spend a bit of Robux to see if others like your game, if they do, spend more the next day. If they don’t, well at least you didn’t waste all your Robux and you don’t have as many people disliking your game than you would have with 45k Robux spent in one day.


I did not say spend it in one day, i meant for him to spread out the 30k for pc and the 15k for mobile.

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Yes, it makes a lot of more sense than spending too much, thanks for the answer!!

I wasn’t replying to your post, I’m not sure where you got I was talking to you from. I was talking to the OP.

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You should spend a maximum of 10k a day I’d say, a few months back I only spent 200 for ads using a kinda bad ad and i got around 150 visits from it from people who came back multiple times, 45k is really much more then enough!

Good luck with your game :wink:


Also, since this is your first game, make sure you are hardcore monetizing your game (gamepasses and devproducts). That way once you spend the 10k you can get the 10k back for future sponsors/advertisements, or even more if your game is good.

There’s a game out there that only spent 7k Robux on sponsoring on their release day, they made back 50k+ or so Robux on that day.

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I’ve gotten insane amounts of players before just by spending 500 robux on an ad. Seriously, even 5-10k is too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Insane for that game meant like 10 or 20 players in one server, even though the game was very unpopular. It was pretty fun

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It’s definitely enough to start a game, especially if the game is fun to play and draws the attention of the player.

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As everyone else said, that is more than enough! You should do little amounts each day, such as 10k - 20k for the main release, then 2.5k a day or 10k each week, see how it goes from then on. I wish you the best of luck with this project!


It depends on the game. 45k is enough to advertise a simple game that doesn’t take too long to develop, but for a more complex game might take more money to create. You always need backup payment for developers if you’re paying them a percentage, so it’s a good idea to let developers know beforehand.


I see these posts too often.

If the game is good, 1-3K robux is enough. Heck, I’ve gotten thousands of players on my games overnight without spending a penny. Focus on making the game perfect, and you should be good to go!


Hmm, tell me your perspective!

You should make a feedback post for the game, as it’s very bare and uninteresting.

A sponsorship, in your case, would only have players in you game for a temporary amount of time, and would be a waste.

Anytime I sponsor, I spend about 2K, even if I have hundreds of thousands; 2K robux always works well if the game in interesting enough to a wide enough audience.

The following games gained players without sponsorship: No-Scope Sniping (and the remake), Pistol 1v1, Infinite Autocorrect, What’s The Word, Default Dance Simulator, and One-Shot Insanity.

The games that were interesting kept the higher player count, such as No-Scope Sniping and Infinite Autocorrect. Ones that weren’t, like Default Dance and OSI died immediately a few days later. However, in every case, anywhere between 100-5000 players joined overnight.

Sponsorships are only there as a discovery tool, not a player reliability.


Hey, im going to give past experience here.

Once you have advertised once, you dont really have the need to do it again as you show up on the recommended tab etc. A good tip though is to have an eye catching icon and interesting name.

For example, one day my game was down to around 200 players, I updated it (Changed the map adding a few bits) and it jumped to 500 Players concurrent for around a week.

Sponsoring never jumped out numbers by much (10-20k Robux every 3-4 Days) but it made us earn more (Which was evened out by how much we spent to actually get this robux so)

I recommend doing it over around 3 days ish as it gives users that are online different days the opportunity to find your game.

Lastly, I just recommend sponsoring not advertising, Especially if the icon is good, you get alot more impressions and personally i dont look at advertisements but sponsors you kinda have to look at lol.

45k is more than enough to start up a game, depending on the marketing experts that you have working with you you can create a very fantastic base build up by fans and finances.

Firstly I would take it easy and get somebody you know who is good at finances and marketing, marketing is the main soul in developing games, the game has to have ads, fans, and a popularity rate.

from my personal experience I would take it easy by putting at least 10k on ads for your first advertisement, if it goes well and you get an X amount of concurrent players then I would double it up next time. After doubling up and if you Have more people joining and are you making more profits than I would save the remaining amount to pay developers, etc.

depending on your game and how popular it might get you are probably going to make more than 45K depending on the amount of concurrent players you have, so once you get your name out there and you have people actually buying your stuff making you profit then you can continue to advertise your game for a reasonable amount.

Happy Developing!

5k-7k a day would be good since roblox makes you wait 7 days to transfer funds back to your account so if you do 45k in one day now you won’t have money to run ads on day x y and z so it’s all about money management and your first impression of your game is