Is a bar allowed as a setting and title for a game?

My upcoming game will be set inside of a bar. However, it does not reference nor contain any alcoholic drinks. It’s all sodas, fries, burgers, and salads. So it’s more of a restaurant hybrid. The title does use the word “Bar” though.

Is this against TOS? I’ve read up on it and the current guidelines are pretty vague about what is allowed besides basically “Your game can’t reference or contain alcohol/drugs”.

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Is there any way to make the “bar” like the “bars” in a typical diner? Those should be fine. Otherwise, no.

Technically, it is a diner with the descriptions above if it doesn’t explicitly mention alcoholic drinks.

Unless Roblox gas been walking around with their eyes shut I’m pretty sure this is okay. There are plenty of games that involve bars. MM2 has a location within a map that looks like a bar. A few MMORPG games I’ve played have had bars. After The Flash: Mirage has a few bars within the game. I’ve seen a few showcases that take place within a bar.
I think you’ll be okay.

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You should rename it “Vibe Diner” and change the bar to look something like this (first image in article), if it looks more like an alcohol bar:


All those bottles are alcohol reference, as well as your logo, so this isn’t allowed.

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Good point, I will fix it up a bit and re-evaluate.

Hm good point, I’m just worried my title directly having the word “Bar” in it may affect this.

Although, a bar doesn’t strictly serve alcohol, a bar is just something that serves drinks…

That’s why the line is so blurry here haha.

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After The Flash: Mirage (Owned by ChadTheCreator who’s been invited to many RDCs) has a few bars in the game. One of them is called ‘Cliffside bar.

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Alrighty then, I think it’s settled! Thanks!

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