Is a Multi-Monitor Camera System possible?

Is it possible in Roblox to do something like this:

From what I know it isn’t possible in any way, but I don’t want to learn unity/UE4 just for this one thing.

This should be possible if you just add a few more viewport frames? I might be understanding this wrong.

the issue with that is that, viewport frames dont work on surface guis from what i know, i want them to be in a physical world space (the image i showed is a mockup via decal)

Also I am trying to add actual cameras, and using viewport frames wouldn’t work in my case even if they did work on parts. I am trying to make a live feed of locations in an area and project it to the monitor instead of having them move inside of a viewport frame.

"Viewport frames on surface guis are annoying because you cannot work them the same way as if it were in the playergui.

You need to put the surface gui inside your playergui and then set the adornee to the part you want to put the surface gui on. Then set the viewport current camera to be a camera that you can control via script later. Then add the parts you want to show on the viewport frame inside the viewport frame itself. Then lastly adjust the camera aforementioned to point to the part’s position."

This is what I’ve found about surface guis and viewport frames. This originally came from Reddit.

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Some games do this already such as SCP: Anomaly Breach 2 [Beta] - Roblox, where some rooms have a camera in them and a monitor outside the room with a more or less live feed.

The thing is, this scenario is using only a very tiny area (a small room) and they clone and update all parts in that room to the viewport frame. This would get very laggy for larger maps or areas.

i will test it out later i hope it works

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