Is a parody of an existing car brand allowed?

I’m starting a roblox city game including realistic cars. They will be debadged. Can I be copyrighted if I name the car by the model, for example= instead of 2021 Honda Civic, it’s just 2021 Civic. Or do I have to change the name completely?


I would change the Civic part to something else.

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You sure? I can’t figure out good names. I would prefer using the name of the car model. Another game does the same

I’m not exactly sure if Honda claimed the Civic. But you can maybe change it to 2021 Ronda Rivic?

See what I did there? hehe

Speak with a legal professional, better if they specialise in Intellectual Property


Civic is a legitimate Brand name so you could try changing a few letters.

Is it possible to get fined? Or do you get banned if copyright?

It can depend. From having your asset taken down to being sued with all that fun on top. Termination is not off the table

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Not much as copyrighting, But if you think is “Copyright” Only for a simple name then Just think about another name that maybe kill the root of problems before it grows

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I don’t think you can get sued on roblox… I saw a post about that on dev forums. You sure?

I am aware of an active legal case between two Roblox developers.

Please just seek a legal professional.

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Honda doesn’t really own the word “Civic” as long as there is no Honda logo in sight, I see no issue with it.

What about design? Can’t that be a target?

The design should be fine, don’t use any of there intellectual property (logos etc) and your good.

Nope! As @Mboy00 there shouldn’t be an issue as long as you remove all of the logos.


Are you sure??? I don’t think so.

Name it something like handy clever

I understand, but can the designs be copyrighted ( car design )

How about 2021 Bloxvic? It has Blox in it, which lots of things that are in Roblox have.

Sadly, “Honda” is a famous motor vehicle dealership and maker. The name “Honda” is copyrighted. Under the Fair Use law. (Information below) You can use it but you must link/give credits to the proper owner (Person who copyrighted) and not make money off of it. Getting fined will be extremely unlikely because they will not waste their time or money on some random kid/person online, which means no harm. Basing this off the fact most of ROBLOX player under the age of 13 and I honestly don’t care what car I do drive in most games, as long as they work. In my opinion, I say it’s a win, but that statement is biased. The worst can do and may do is ask ROBLOX to remove it and/or the game (Make it Content Deleted). Which is called DCMA request. (If I am not mistaken). @OffensiveRaps does state a valid point, if there is no logo or brand made in the name it limits the risk of it ever happening. You may put in the description is inspired by (Car Brand/Name), if so desired.

Quick Summary;
Just remove the brand name, and maybe change the car name.

Fair use

(in US copyright law) the doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder.

Read for more information.