Is a streamingenabled client settings possible?

So, I’ve tried making a setting, where players could just adjust the StreamingMinRadius, but that didn’t seem to work.

However, I’ve did seen games that had those things, like ragdoll system test. It had a setting named “StreamingEnabled” and they could turn it on/off.

So I was wondering, if that’s possible to do so?
This was the script I was trying to make, if that doesn’t work, then I guess you can only unable and enable StreamingEnabled.


Although I’m not sure if that does work now. Thanks for helping in advance!


Does anyone know the answer to this? I’d like to know if they created their own streaming functionality or if they actually were able to change the settings on the client.

You can’t change the StreamingTargetRadius using a script, it is already said in the dev wiki. My theory is that on the client, if the part is not on a certain distance then they will be invisible. I don’t know if making a part invisible will improve performance.

Streaming properties are registered internally as constants as soon as a server spawns up: changing them doesn’t influence a change in rendering behaviour. A custom streaming system must have had to be used there, given the name “StreamingEnabled” as a comfort term for the developer-written behaviour that starts taking effect.

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Then I kinda need an explaination on Ragdoll System Test. They have a setting that they could turn on/off StreamingEnabled. My theory is, maybe it is a custom chunk script?