Is a virtual stock-market game against ToS?

I have come up with an idea where players can purchase in-game currency with Robux and invest in custom cryptocurrencies in real time. This would create a stable economy in the game, where some players would lose money and others would gain. However, I’m wondering if allowing players to withdraw Robux in the game would violate the Terms of Service. I checked the ToS, but it only mentioned that third-party services are against the ToS.


How would they even withdraw robux? The only way I could think of is with API messaging to a group the user must join.

Even then, it’s probably not a good idea. Games that have distributed Robux via group payouts have been taken down in the past.


A crypto currency is secure with layers of security and stored in the blockchain, anything happens, data loss issues, you’d be responsible. Also I highly doubt this is possible to achieve.


I will be using Discord webhooks to receive and process withdrawal requests. Players will be required to join a specific group to initiate the withdrawal process. I understand the concerns regarding past takedowns of games that distributed Robux through group payouts,

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It won’t be that detailed, it’ll be a pretty basic buy/sell stock market system with live data across servers

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The common theme that make something against ToS is that you have to know what will happen with your Robux. If you can not guarantee something in return, it will be awfully close to gambling.
Simulator eggs will guarantee a pet, whether it’s legendary or common rarity. That is how they are not breaking any ToS.
You on the other hand, have no guarantee of what will happen to their Robux. You also state using third-party applications for the handling of their Robux, which will definitely be flagged.

Long story short; it’s gambling. It will probably not survive for long before being content deleted.


You do understand running something like this means you will not profit and maybe not be able to cover costs, with Roblox’s 30% fees, pending robux, your gonna have to delay withdrawals, or eventually declare you can’t afford to pay anyone back and be banned for scamming.

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I guess not doing this is the best option, thank you!

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I worked with this game before. I was a translator.


That’s fully virtual and you can’t withdraw money from it which isn’t connected to what I am asking

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Yeah that would definitely be against the ToS I reckon. The stock market is gambling.

Games already exist in this genre without any involvement of Robux, take a look at StockRise (hoping that’s the right name)


I reckon it’s allowed if you mark your game to 17+

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He can use it for index. Index funds guarantee returns based on dividends

Definitely not allowed. If you remove the Robux part then yes.


Also, don’t groups have a two-week waiting period? How do you plan to get around this?

This is effectively gambling in Roblox, you spend real money on a game with a risk of losing it.

I’m at least 99% confident that this isn’t allowed.
If it’s allowed in the US expect your game to be banned in regions like Europe at least which don’t even allow spending Robux on lootboxes.

Having a virtual economy in a game is perfectly fine, but being able to spend Robux on it (essentially real money) however is not.

If you want to make a game about a stock market you should cut out the monetization OR guarantee that spend Robux cannot be lost somehow (like items that you can buy with Robux but can’t trade or sell, this guarantees that the player can’t lose any real money spend).


Index funds aren’t guaranteed returns, it’s just very low risk. Also, he would be burning money if he artificially added that as a guarantee.


Definitely against ToS. Players aren’t allowed to gamble with currency that can be purchased with R$ (which includes anything random, and things that don’t have disclosed and fixed reward probabilities are even more against the ToS). It’s also against the ToS to have R$ rewards (ex: giveaways, in-game rewards of R$, etc are all against ToS).

You’d also be losing money generally, because of all of the Roblox taxes and the general increase in value of most assets. You also couldn’t guarantee being able to payback the players.

I’m not super up-to-date on their newer updates, but at the very least rewarding players with R$ is definitely against the ToS. Beyond the ToS gambling rules, there are also lots of countries and areas that have laws on and against online gambling, especially when real world money can go through both ends (ie money to R$ to game to R$ to money).

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It would be a good idea to impliment a two-week wait anyways, so that bots don’t join with fraudulent Robux and quadrouple their money. That’s another issue, bots. They’d just storm the game, and even though it’d be making you money, you’d be responsible for all of that fraud.

Definitely against TOS.

It is? I thought you could have gambling as long as the game was 18+?

That leaves me with a big question.

How do players in this game grow their money??

Here is how the game would work (please correct me if I’m wrong):

A fixed number of stocks would be sold. (For example, say you have 10 stocks at 1000 robux.)

You (the game owner) would earn 7000 robux from all the stocks being sold (-30% roblox tax).

So if someone wanted to cash out their stock, it would give them 700 robux. How are stock values gonna grow?