Is a Wolfenstein-type game allowed?

So I’m making this Wolfenstein type game is it allowed on Roblox?

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Is it filled with gore and violence?

Well, a payday knockoff is allowed. Ditch any sort of mature, political, controversial, overly violent, or overly dark aspects of it. In other words, no matter who your audience is, it ultimately must be appropriate for kids by being present on this platform.

No just armor and their weapons

Alright thank you for the info.

The game is mostly based off of a certain party taking over the world. You could probably make it so the symbols are different and the names of the enemies are different.

To me, that’s just false, as not all games need to or are like Adopt Me, which is targeted for the younger audience, which in my eyes is when age < 11. We can create games that are more suitable for a teenager audience, and that won’t be moderated

as long as it doesnt have any hate groups (not sure if im allowed to say the word here) but ive seen some super gorey games, as long as you put a warning somewhere about gore it should be allowed, just cant be used on certain platforms like xbox then

I didn’t say it had to target kids, I said it had to be appropriate for kids. You can’t limit what age group is able to visit your game, and it’s been discussed to death. If you care enough about that, you can go weigh in on one of the many threads about making games age restricted, but I’m sure that’s not the point you were arguing.

Roblox’s Code of Conduct mandates that games be kid-friendly, even if your target audience is older.

And of course there are certain things they’ve allowed, such as play-doh textured pools of blood and other things, but I’m not in charge of what they allow or don’t allow, and sometimes these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis with context considered.