Is anyone considering implementing New Heights for the Miner's Haven open-source?

Experimenting in Studio with the Miner’s Haven open-source download, I’ve found that the framework for NH is pretty close to being finished. The placing GUI is done, the main script seems to be almost finished, if not already finished. And testing with Hydraulic Ramps and Platforms seems to be successful. (Ores won’t despawn if they touch platform items and the conveyers are working.)

The only issues I’ve found are although the placing GUI for NH does exist, it doesn’t actually work. And that Hydraulic-related items can still collide with other Hydraulic items. Making placing them together relativity impossible.

Although I’m not an experienced dev, I’d say with a couple of hours of work you could pretty easily complete the New Heights update. Then again, considering it was never finished despite work on NH being resumed on October 29th, 2018, over a year ago, it might be a lot harder to finish then I thought.

If you do manage to do this successfully, please share the download with us.
This was a highly anticipated update that was never finished, furthermore, it would allow other people to learn height-based coding, changing values via the hitting of a key (All of the hydraulic items have a height value.), and changing the appearance of an object via script. (Previewing how high the item will be and seeing the preview change in real-time.)
Basically, the NH Update would’ve had features that aren’t present anywhere else in the open-source.


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