Is anyone else getting this bug with viewportframes not saving the camera object with teamcreate?

Title says it all.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Turn on teamcreate
  2. Have a viewportframe with a tool/model in it
  3. Put a camera object in that viewportframe and set its CurrentCamera property to that camera.
  4. Save/Publish and rejoin

Camera object is gone from the viewportframe.


Can confirm I am also experiencing this issue.

Since this is a bug, I believe this post belongs in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs and not #help-and-feedback:scripting-support. Consider changing it!


This may be intended. I think Camera is not meant to be inserted by the developer, instead your scripts should create the thing via once the game starts to run. I have noticed various inconsistencies similar to this one that leads me to believe this is intended.

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This may be to do with the Camera instance itself and only allowing one of those to exist at a time. You could be experiencing this in error however, the camera should save. It’d be best to confirm that this isn’t the product of your code; and if it is, to develop a workaround for the time being and submit a bug report to the appropriate Platform Feedback category.

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@DataProxy @colbert2677 This only seems to happen in team create, my personal game and non team create places/files can do it. Thanks for your replies, the first poster also confirms. I will assume it’s a bug.

I hate to necro an old thread, but this issue is still ongoing and wider spread than just saving in team create games.

Trying to use a Camera inside a ViewportFrame in the StarterGui, it disappears ingame whenever I start test mode (in a brand new unpublished baseplate)