Is Blender modelling worth it in the long run? Is it more a optimal "army knife" for building, or is it a tool best only for complex models?

I’ve started Roblox Studio as a builder, and I believe I am quite proficient at it, but it seems quite lacking in big projects, as models of higher calibre take up to 2-3 hours to make, and truly detailed models take a good 6-8 hours to make, excluding the time and pain to make unions. I wonder if Blender in the long run will optimise the time and effort needed for making models. I understand that there will be a lot of effort at first, and I am ready to dedicate time and effort to learning the software. I want to hear from more experienced builders and developers that either dabble or model mainly in Blender: In your opinion, was it worth the effort in the long run?

For example, would these:

be faster to make in Roblox Studio or Blender? And I’m speaking in terms of being very familiar with the Blender mechanisms and UI.

Would it also be good to use it for bigger builds like these:

Even if it’s a case of personal preference, I’d be happy to hear any and all opinions on this topic.


I would say… No. Blender even though it has many shortcuts that roblox doesn’t have no. You will have to texture everything and make everything in a different way than Roblox studio. BUT, it can make way more realistic builds!

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Ok as a programmer I don’t really know much about these things but I’ve heard that blender is better as it allows you to make more complex creations with being a bit more convenient than roblox with it modifiers.

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As a modeller I would say yes! Use blender for making details like flower pots? Windows, chairs, shelfs etc. For base builds like say a simply door frame, walls, roofs thats for Roblox. Blender is only good when you have to make details. And Honestly those builds you mentioned above would surely be easier for a modeller like me to make in blender rather than in studio. After than you can export things seperately and texture in studio.

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So in terms of making those types of models from the ground up, you could make the ones showcased in the images? Including the smaller assets and interior. If yes, then I could switch to Blender as my main working software.

You can but would well… I dont know be a bit hard?? Its better if you do basic building in studio and complex building like interior and exposed bricks etc in blender.

So in terms of models with complex geometry, or that are of small size, then I ought to use Blender, but for the general structure, I should stick with Roblox Studio. What about filler models that have no interior? I know a fair number of people who can pull off entire filler build packs quite fast, and it looked like it was made in Blender. Also, is the main issue behind working solely in Blender the fact that texturing does not go hand-in-hand and the triangle import limit in Roblox Studio? I thought you could export entire models and just assemble them.

For filler models use blender as its less laggy and effiecient. For texturing if your bad at it then you can import the model seperately like lets say building is a seperate model and the windows are a seperate model. For highpoly models I would say that you import the models by going to Avatar Tab and the Import Rig button. You can import your model as a fbx that way. If you use that way then there is also no need for exporting seperate models from blenders as roblox already does that for you.

So if I want to export entire models I have to do it via .fxb, but if I want to export the windows or individual complete parts of a model, can I do it via .obj ? Or do I have to export everything made in Blender as .fxb?

Lets say you have 2 objects in your blender file. You want to export them at once and not individually. You use fbx. If you want to individually export them you use obj. But a flaw with fbx is that when importing it the mesh becomes abnormally large and you have to scale it down so if your trying to get specific propotions like lets say a character model then it would get messed up but other than that its not too bad.

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Alright, that won’t be much of a problem, thank you for helping me!