Is bypassing through an application system reportable?


I am currently making an “application center” game. Basically, some questions are asked to a player, and that player has to give a response. This response will be filtered with Roblox’s filtering system, and sent to a third party (Trello). As it is sent to a third party, I’m not 100% sure if Roblox logs that stuff, or will take actions as the response was sent to a third party.

Anywho, my question is if a player decides to bypass the filter on the game (to swear for example), and the response is sent, is that reportable? Will I be responsible of anything?

Thanks in advance!! I’m not 100% sure if that’s the exact category or if I used this correctly.

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Personally, I see no reason why this would result in a report, however as we all know Roblox can just punish you for it either way.

Roblox does not log it, however, this announcement shows that they can just go into your game’s code:

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Ah, thanks for the answer. Though, I’m using Roblox’s filterting system. My scripts don’t contain any swear words or anything that could let my game in a review. As bypassing the filter is against the ToS, I was just wondering if I am able to report players who bypass the filter via responses. Thanks for your time, though!!!

You can’t report them for bypassing the filter because you have seen it on a 3rd party (Trello).

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Players attempt to bypass the filters regardless of if it’s an application center or the chat. They can’t punish you for that (as far as I know) as it’s out of your control and their filtering system is down to them and the external filtering company.

You might be able to, but the proof could be considered invalid as in regards to Trello, you can just change the card’s description manually so it might be disregarded due to the possibility of “framing someone”.

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I recommend using Discord for your application logging. Discord works well for me to log mod calling, admin logging, bans, mod commands, and so on. The embed feature keeps it nice and clean so I can easily read through it.

You could also use the “Chat” service to filter any messages that are sent from your application center. If they attempt to bypass, it would be filtered in the chat as well as the Discord embed.

I would use Discord, but unfortunately, I need to know if a user has applied before. If I’m not mistaken, Discord webhooks don’t support GET HTTP requests. I am using the TextService to filter out, I was just wondering if somebody was to bypass it. Thanks, though!