Is censored curse words allowed in games?

I have some audio that I want to use, but has some bad words in it, if I censor them will I be able to use them?

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Why not just… omit the cursing altogether? I can’t speak authoritatively on the matter but it seems more logical to avoid the case altogether rather than take a chance by censoring words. Context can still be inferred and context matters significantly to moderation.

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the song has bad word.

remove bad word from song (just a blank pause maybe)

then is it allowed?

he is saying that if he removes all bad word from song is it allowed

Wouldn’t risk it mate Roblox moderation is terrible

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Which raises more questions. How did he obtain the song? Does he have the rights to use it in a public setting?

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its not necesarily a song, just using as example


if there aren’t any bad words it still get moderated?

Roblox moderation bots will probably not be able to tell the difference between a swear and censor

Roblox doesn’t use bots for moderation.

It still applies, but shame on you for tricking me like that.

No they 100% do the vast amount of stupid account terminations I have seen can only be done by bots

Don’t spread misinformation, do your research please before asserting false facts please. Just because mistakes exist in moderation doesn’t mean its run by bots. Roblox has explicitly clarified that human moderators take action on the site, not automation. They have this legally disclosed and available via their help portal. They have more than a thousand employees working platform safety.

This thread is also not about moderation, please stay on topic!

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Make sure you have the rights to it first of all, and if you don’t need those rights(royalty free) just add a pause in the lyrics.