Is copying ideas permitted?

Hello, I would like to find out if copying ideas is allowed on Roblox platform.
What does copying ideas mean? Copying ideas as is taking one game’s idea, and making something very similar, an example to it is how Mad City copied Jailbreak’s idea. I want to find out if that sort of thing is allowed on Roblox or not? Because I really want to make a game similar to a game called Conquerors 3.
Thank you for reading. :smile:

You can’t copyright an idea.

As long as you don’t use any of their assets without permission, you should be alright. There’s a risk of getting criticised for making a game so similar, but if you’ve got no problem with that then go ahead.


So… If i make the same names for some of the units in the game… is it considered as stealing assets or…?

Never ever have seen ROBLOX care about stuff like this. Probably the most negative consequence what will come your way if doing this – is a whole load of critique and negative spotlight on you and your game.


Alright, thank you. Although I’m not entirely copying the idea, of course, I am creating every single asset originally and unique. The only thing is the idea that is being taken from Conquerors 3, the rest is fully original, although I am thinking of ways to change even the idea from it a bit not to fully steal the idea.

Well you can’t own an idea or then Tycoons and Simulators wouldn’t be on this platform. Let’s say you were making a game similar to Wolfenstein, you couldn’t name a Nazi Leader Death head although you could make a similar character to play the role of that character.

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PUBG doesnt own the idea of a battle royale, or Fortnite, Roblox doesnt own the idea of having a game development platform, therefore you can use the idea you cannot however use the name of the game, assets or meshes from it, things like that.


So you already got the answer to your question and I wanted to say, if you want to make a similar game as conqueror then do it, but add news ideas into it, but don’t just make the same game with small changes, create a game you want to make a even if it look like a game that already exist, if there is your ideas in it, then the game will not be a copy.

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