Is creating a vrchat-like game on roblox a good idea?

Not sure if it should be under Development Discussion or Game Design Support

By a “vrchat-like” game, I mean a game that lets you use your own character models and animations, not just a simple vr/non-vr hangout. It isn’t hard to script a custom animation parser/player, aswell as adding smartbone or other character enchancers support, but will people play it? In my opinion a game like that should include:

  • Moderation (obviously)
  • Upload limits based off account age & verification (email or ID)
  • Size/Animation limits

Is it worth creating a game like that & finding moderators? Will there be people that are smart enough to understand basics of roblox studio? Would people even play this game?


Yeah sure, i guess its a good idea

yes. good idea. will work.ghhg

I’d say you could but I will also add onto that that it’s likely very experimental and risky if that makes sense?

I’m not sure how many people on Roblox have VR equipment.
You’d certainly have to make something that can both attract and also keep players around.

And listening to your community will likely be very important since they can tell you what your project might be missing or what could make it more fun and engaging.