Is creating an Adventure/ Survival game viable right now? w/ Crafting etc

Im currently working on this mini project and I want to make a survival / adventure type game with really engaging mechanics and its going well with the inventory and such but I know theres not many survival adventure games but would it be viable to make one in this day an age?

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Maybe You can ask people what do they like in adventure game and you can add them to your game

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What’s it about? What’s the story?

Survival is one of my favorite game genres, i think if you make a good game it is a good idea, survival games are not one of those games like simulators and other boring games in the featured page.

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Well theres really no story its a base survival game, but im gonna make it really fun to play with engaging features such as drag and drop inventory, crafting and alot more

Alright Ill keep that in mind thanks for the information!

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Hm ok. Like Booga Booga? Or something different?

Well itll be a surivival game like booga booga, but Im not fully sure what features I want to add into the game, but I may make it single player and you can join your friends’ worlds and nice versa, Im not sure about the whole map situation tho, I might make different maps and when the player first joins they get a random map to start on

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I have seen a topic that talks about what’s the best game genre right now and it’s adventure games so if your creating an adventure game more people are more likely going to like it(if it’s good quality and fun to play).

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Yes Im gonna make it very engaging and just all around fun to play either when your bored or just want to have alot of fun

edit : The key thing that ill be implementing in the game is just the engagement aspect, players will be able to interact with lots of things

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There’s all kinds of unexplored territory with survival games since currently their all just farm better materials for better equipment.

You could expand on the survival aspect making it more realistic and harder
(like body heat,disease,injury’s,animals,etc)

or you could expand on the materials where they’re not just better than the last one and have stats that change how you might use them on weapons and tools.
(One material is durable but not to sharp while the other is extremely sharp but not durable at all.)

You could expand on the combat making some real stragety instead of just ”better material = win”
(Actually having it where a person with a club can take out someone with a sword)

There’s all kinds of unexplored territory for this genre and I’ve only scratched the surface.


Yeah Im gonna keep it simplistic but its gonna be very detailed and player oriented, its going to engage the player everywhere possible to keep their attention and curiousity booming