Is currently a way to change a player's group rank without using a bot?

I’d like to have a way for players to be automatically ranked, but the only way that I’ve found so far to do this is to create a group bot, and I don’t know if a group bot would work considering they added the whole captcha thing.


Based on the number of bot friend requests I have gotten lately, I’d say the captcha is not really a problem.


No, there is no alternative.

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oh well

The captcha doesn’t matter in order for a bot to change a player’s rank though?

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You can easily make bots with most languages, I myself use node.js, paired with a library like noblox or the more deprecated roblox.js

Cookielogin has to be used to bypass the captcha, and have a working rank bot.

Whats Cookielogin?

When you log in your bot by using the special cookie assigned with your session.

Cookies store information on your browser, roblox saves a login one that can be used to login without username or password. Sharing this login is incredibly dangerous as your account could be stolen.

Presently, due to the new captcha there is no other way to login via an automated script.

Ah okay, i tried to create a bot a while back to spam my self with friend requests. But i gave up due to it not being possible. Be nice if we had api for groups within games :thinking: