Is decapitation allowed in roblox?

The default death mechanic implemented by Roblox dismembers every limb. So I’ll say yes.

If you added gore or a more realistic decapitation effect, you may have issues.


Personally, I’d class this under cartoon violence as long as you’re not too gory about this. This is, however, sketchy territory; so tread lightly.


That is the thing though, every limb is dismembered, not just 1, which takes from the realism.

Although I believe OP’s case is fine, it’s not too gory or anything


It’s most likely allowed as long as you don’t add heavy blood or gore effects.

Do you guys think this is to far? I came to this forum after making this and just don’t wanna get yeeted off the site for it

If I recall correctly, Land Of The Rising Sun also had a form of decapitation although less graphic.
I’d advise you to err on the side of caution and remove the blood but if you want other’s opinions on this you should make another post rather then bumping a something from 7 months ago.

From my own personal experience, blood should usually have a toggle on/off feature, if the player’s account is <13 then you’d prefer having no blood shown.

You can simply ask the player or have a setting for that, but remember that blood is the closest you can get to gore, the rest is all a grey zone when it’s mixed with violence.