Is drinks like beer allowed on roblox?

Hello! I am currently making a pirate game. It is inspired off of Sea iof Thieves and a little bit Minecraft. In movies as well as video games (that is pirate themed) they drink like beer. I was wondering if that was allowed on roblox.


No beer nor is any alcholic beverage is not allowed on roblox


So not any type of beer even if it is root beer?

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You could do cream soda instead to be more kid friendly
no you cant do root beer because its a filtered word

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Oh well is tea allowed? I thinking probaly red tea.

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Tea is perfectly fine. But make sure to not have unsweet tea, as no one likes that. :slight_smile:


Root beer isn’t beer it’s soda so it might be fine. As it’s filtered probably because it has the word beer in it. Also games like Troop Life have beer in it so it’s a two way thing…

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The Northern United States wants to know your location.

But seriously, sweet tea is the way to go.

Back on topic, beer is not allowed, but I’d use bloxy cola, so many games do that to the point that older users actually get that Bloxy Cola stands for 21+ beverages.


Sweet tea gang! I never knew that people get that Bloxy Cola stands for 21+ beverages. lol


Oh, I figured most people did. Guess not.

If you want living proof, go here: Dame Da Ne (Baka Mitai) - Roblox

The part where the guy drinks literally translates to “no matter how strong the alcohol is”

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What about this?

Here’s a topic similar to yours. Hope this helps.

“Alcohol, alcoholic references, drunkenness, smoking cigarettes, cigars, and vaping are not permitted.” is a line from the Roblox community rules, so no you can’t have an alcoholic beverage, I recommend to try replacing it with root beer.

When you search up the keyword ‘Mead’ it does not filter it so that might work…

Yes I know, I was just saying that they did not censor that word on Roblox

I like unsweet tea because it’s like water

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Necroposting but, no, Root beer is not filtered, tested it right now.

Actually COPPA only states what data can be collected on under 13s, it doesn’t talk about content as far as I know.