Is editing a on sale shirt with the owner's permission against ToS?

I have got a file for a shirt template that the owner let me use and upload.
I edited a bit for my game, and it isnt on sale. only for use in my game. Is that against ToS?


Did they say you can use it in your game, if you yes you can. If they said you cant, then you cant use it.

Why would it be against ToS if you have permission??? lolwut


You should be fine since you got permission from the shirt creator.

This is a pretty simple answer, yes, the owner gave you permission.

I got permission. Im just real shook all the time about getting rejected from devex.

Yea you can upload it if you have permission, which you have.

Well, you should not have a problems.

I wouldn’t think it would be ToS because you got permission lol

Well, if you got permission, I would’ve given you the green light.

But, you seem so uncertain.

So, if you are afraid of the “owner”/previous owner revoking your rights, or suing you should probably refrain from using the template/clothing piece. It’s as simple as that, choose your own. But, if he gave you explicit permission to use it, I mean, why not?

(I am not a lawyer nor have I gone to law school, so take it with a grain of salt. This is all based on my personal feeling and common sense. All risks are on your own.)

No, i did get permission, he just wanted credit and i gave credit. Yet im scared he might wanna just take my stuff away.

i’ll just get a shirt maker. I cant even sleep properly with this risk.

That is exactly what I am saying. There is a good rule; if you are unsure, then don’t.

So then no, don’t do it. I mean, what do you want me to say?

Is a 5-min created shirt worth, potentially thousands of dollars worth of DevEx wasted? No, then obviously don’t.

well i deleted it from my inventory.

Well personally i think nothings really gonna happen even if you didn’t have permission. Have you seen the catalog recently?

still, i want to keep my reputation clean. Those are randoms, im a developer

Yeah, if you looked back at old posts and saw that asimo3089 for an example had stolen a shirt then jailbreak would lose players very soon and he would get a bad reputation.

I’m not saying you should steal, but i am saying that if you did, you probably would get off clean. That’s the problem with ROBLOX moderation these days.

I hired someone already. Not taking chances.

I’m not saying you should take chances.