Is family roleplay allowed in roblox games?

Couldn’t find a better category for this. Does anyone know if family roleplay goes against Roblox’s rules? One of my players mentioned this to me, and I wasn’t entirely sure.



I don’t think so, people do it in other roleplay games all the time. Not entirely sure though

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As long as there are not mature themes with-in these families and there is no online dating going on, it should be okay.

Deleting posts is not the way to do it as someone may have the same question.


I usually don’t delete posts, I’ll leave this one up. I was only unsure since there wasn’t really a category for questions like this.

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Yes there is… #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

It didn’t really make sense to put it in design, I wasn’t too sure. But I went ahead and changed it anyways.

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Thank you for changing the topic!

Anyways, to your question, as @Abcreator said, family-roleplays are fine without any inappropriate or suggestive themes and should not encourage online-dating. There are already a ton of games on Roblox based around family-roleplay including quite literally the #1 game on Roblox right now, Brookhaven.

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I believe it’s fine as soon as you don’t roleplaying dating or some sort, that’s more into adult stuff something like that. Roblox platform is pretty much made for experiencing things you haven’t experienced before. so I’d say it’s allowed to do family roleplay.

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Right, that’s why I figured there wouldn’t be a problem with it.