Is family roleplay still allowed in Roblox?

I want to figure out if I can still allow certain roleplay aspects in a game I work for.
I know in October 2021, Roblox updated the TOS. Roblox cracked down on online dating and etc. Could you still have things like marriage roleplay in your game?
I’ve looked at the TOS and searched the Developer Forum for any results.
Example image of the TOS:

Well, technically, as long as the roleplayers don’t do any sus stuff, I think it might be allowed, considering that the most of “adopt and raise a baby” games are not taken down to this day.
EDIT: Oh and regarding the “Marriage RP”, there’s something you might wanna pay attention to this image below.
Yeah, no more wedding games.


I don’t know. I guess this shouldn’t be a problem. Since there’s loads of 5 year olds playing roblox I don’t think it should be a problem to pretend-family.
Apart from 5 year olds playing family RP there are also lots of players that have real family members that they play family with.
Conclusion: It shouldn’t be a problem (and if it is a problem, then it’s a pathetic rule)

Don’t sell admin commands (People might use it to make weird stuff like 18+)
Don’t encourage dating (Heart Gear, Bar, Cinema etc)

I do agree with the

However, i don’t understand the

I don’t understand how people can use, for example, HD Admin (most of family RP games have it). Just, how? Just doing the funny thing but flying?

Not Bloxburg, Adopt me, Meepcity…
Admin tools allows trollers to draw bad stuff
Plus it can be used to hurt small kids
I don’t see why people needs :freeze me in a family rp LOL

  1. I would never use admin commands in my game. If I do, I created my own admin commands and they are only for the staff.
  2. I do not encourage any behaviors, I just want to benefit to simply make others happy and benefit.
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Bigger roleplay games such as Welcome to Bloxburg, do not use these admin commands. The Roblox games mentioned here that do not push for admin commands to players have billions of visits. They aren’t just some game with a few million visits.

It depends.
If your game is well made then you can just sell currency and special boosters etc
If it’s like Boys and Girls bla bla bla
Then their main source of income is actually admin bought by trollers

Yea, some impostor might use em for a bad purpose.