Is gambling allowed in-game?

So I have game where you have a ‘cash’ currency. I was planning on having 2-3 ‘gambling’ machines where you put in 5 cash (which is a very small amount), and there’s a chance you get a big reward back or nothing. This would be something similar to Deathrun’s old gambling machines in their lobby.

Is this allowed or should I avoid it completely?

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As long as you cannot purchase the currency with robux in any way, it is fine


From what i’ve heard you’re allowed to gamble with currency purchased with robux as long as there’s a way to earn the currency by playing for free.

At least that’s what The Plaza does. But to be fair, you earn more money than you lose in there.


Edit: I stand corrected. Apparently it is only allowed if users can gamble for a limited amount of time per day.

Wait, so you’re not allowed to gamble more by spending robux on currency, but you are allowed to gamble more if you spend robux on a gamepass? These rules are getting more and more complicated.


I suggest not. Gambling can cause a lot of problems between you, roblox, players, and parents. I highly suggest that you don’t go there. It’s mainly not allowed or ill-advised. The plaza is somewhat controversial and can have its devEx’s restricted at any time. But don’t take my word for it.

Asimo said, and I quote:
“gambling is against the rules, i’d rather not touch anything close to it; i’d rather play it safe” “Yeah heres the thing about the plaza; at ANY time roblox is allowed to take the game down perm and refuse all future devex requests for all devs involved, including future ones for other games; it destroys your career; so why [would i] chance it? it’d be stupid”

thanks asimo (snagged it from a discord conversation where someone was asking if there should be a casino robbing in jailbreak)


I suggest you view this from a moral and ethical standpoint instead.

The vast majority of the Roblox community is kids and teens, aged as low as 7. Gambling is an addiction which can easily start at low-level, low-risk gambling as provided by these games, such as the one referred above by maplestick. Having this in mind, would you want kids to have access to something that can easily turn into an addiction?

As developers of a platform targeted at a young audience, we have the moral responsibility to ensure we do not endanger their growth as a youth by self-moderating the content we introduce in our games.


Avoid anything that’s explicitly gambling. You can get away with lootboxes and maybe prize wheel spins, but making actual slot machines and other very obviously casino related items is more trouble than it’s worth.


There cannot be a path from R$ to gambling currency in any way. Pretty sure that first screenshot you linked is outdated and you can’t actually buy the gambling currency anymore. The second screenshot should be within the rules since you cannot actually gamble any R$ or derived game currency, it’s just a game pass that lets you do more spins on a day.

It’s allowed as long as you don’t put a way to purchase more chances with robux. Many games do this like The Plaza where it’s just a daily reward kind of thing.

I took that screenshot the moment i made that post. The currency is purchasable with robux.

I don’t know the nature of the slot machines in that game, but if it really allows you to buy the currency with R$ and then gamble it away, that’d be against the gambling rule AFAIK. Feel free to use report abuse whenever you think content is against the rules.

@buildthomas The way they function is relatively straight forward. You throw 20 PP in the machine, and it picks 3 random icons. If you have 2 of the same icon, you get 60 PP, if you have 3 of the same icon, you get 200 PP. If you hit the jackpot, you get whatever’s in the machine’s jackpot. The more money you throw in the machine the bigger the jackpot gets.

Though the thing about this casino is that it’s nearly impossible to lose your money. The odds are greatly in the player’s favor and most of the time you leave with much more than you originally had.

Is it allowed to make players pay like 50r$ for an ingame currency which they can use to open a crate that might give them an item ranging from low to high tier? The only way to get the currency would be to use Robux.

Loot crates are within the rules for now, so that’s fine. Please consider, as courtesy to the player, to point out which items/rarities they can get and giving their chances in percentages.


Okay, thanks for all the feedback - looks like it is best to avoid gambling related machines.

It seems to me that most people aren’t too sure as to the application and acceptability of gambling in games, I personally suggest someone make a devforum post specifically outlining where the ‘line’ is to be drawn.