Is gambling allowed?

There isn’t a ton to do with my current in-game currency and I wish to expand the things you can purchase. I decided to create some mini-games (That somewhat resemble to gambling) that could either grant the user more money (based on a bet) or give them nothing at all. An example would be ‘snakeyes’, you roll two dice and earn money based on the outcome. Is it allowed to create this type of game? The TOS isn’t clear for me.


Update 6/20/2023: Roblox just made it very clear that simulated gambling is prohibited, even in 17+ experiences. Disregard my prior answer along with the now-outdated quote of the community guidelines. Simulated gambling is not allowed on Roblox, even if the currency cannot be bought with Robux.

Original answer (11/22/2021):


While we allow the portrayal of gambling in experiences, no real money, Robux, or anything that can become real money or Robux, may be exchanged in these experiences. We also require that the odds of winning be fair and not skewed in the developer’s favor.

To simplify this, you are allowed to have gambling games as long as your in-game currency cannot be bought with robux.


Are boosts still fine? An example would be a ‘2x coins’ gamepass

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Unfortunately, no, since this can be considered as buying more money with robux. You can still do gamepasses such as VIP/chat tags and such as long as in-game purchases do not affect the currency the player is going to gamble with.


I’ve seen games with ‘indirect gambling’, in the case that a user purchases a product (such as a crate) and receives an item, then later sells/trades the item for the in-game currency that the user bought with. (Since crates are technically ‘chance’, this is somewhat similar) Can I use this loophole?

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Crates are allowed as long as you disclose the odds of getting each item. This is similar to what Adopt Me does when you buy eggs. I’m a little bit unsure about the selling part but you can certainly trade with other users.

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By this, you mean that gambling is not allowed, (if the currency is purchased with robux) even if I state all odds of winning?

wait… can I get banned? my game has lootboxs and it doesn’t disclose the chances. You can also buy the currency for robux…

You should always disclose the chances of a loot box/randomizer. I don’t think this counts as gambling unless you can sell the loot back for the currency that you purchased it with.

You have the same chance to get everything tho.

I wanted to include playable slot machines, poker, blackjack, and roulette into my game. Is there any loopholes that could potentially make it abide by the new TOS?