Is Gravitational Lensing Feasibly Possible (and non-laggy) on Roblox?

I’ve only ever seen one person get close to creating something similar to gravitational lensing, only to realize it was just a simple matter of messing with ZOffset in a very clever fashion (which I greatly admire).

Looking at the post, though, got me wondering: is it possible to model gravitational lensing (throwing the technical parts of modeling any sort of correlation to mass and density aside) in order to create the effect itself through mathematical scripting and whatever other means necessary? Would it lag, and is Roblox actually capable of this particular degree of rendering?

Just to clarify too, it’s not a matter of recreating the accretion disk (bright stuff), but a matter of recreating the means for that effect to even be present.

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It’s not possible, no. It’s only applicable in very specific situations where you can manually fragment whatever’s being bent so that you can bend it in the first place.

Until we get screen-space refraction effects for Roblox, it’s not gonna be possible as you want it, I’m afraid. You can use glass but it’s highly limited.


That’s EXTREMELY unfortunate, considering how jarringly amazing it would work in regard to whatever a builder or scripter could even come up with.

A boy can dream. :pensive: