Is hanging illegal?

My game is themed in the renaissance, and a common form of execution then was hanging, but im wondering if it is allowed


Uhhh, that’s too violent for kids to watch, so no. You wouldn’t want them to see someone with blood and a rope.


ive seen games with hanging, and blood (such as mortem metalium, bloody battle, and thinking)

And 2nd question, what would be an appropriate form of execution (preferably popular during the renaissance)


Those games are lucky that Roblox haven’t ban it yet.

I have no idea, as long as it’s not gory then I think you’ll be fine.

hmm, would burning on a stake considered gory? Mabe tied to a rope and drowning?

so basically being pushed to a dark pit?

I think just not do it at all. If anything, add a pit of death or something like that.

Yes that.

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There’s so blood when you get hung it just suffocates you.

This is techinically true. I dont think I understand what is “gory” or not

Gory is tons of guts and blood.

if theres no blood and no dead rotting bodies then it should be chill maybe add an option to disable hanging aswell

It’s fine as long as the blood is disabled by default and has a toggle setting, and the actual hanging is dumbed down to a childish level like instead of around the neck it’s around the foot.


haha, this would be kind of funny.

Roblox actually has a specific rule about disturbing or horrifying imagery. Some of this can qualify based on Roblox’s audience. It’s pretty real what people went through after all.

I mean… if it is cartoony then yes. If it has cinematic lighting, detailed sound effects, and their family grieving for the dead person, then no.

Just add a guillotine, you can make that cartoony.

Yeah just watching a person being hung upside down by their foot lol

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planning to do a simple cutscene if you are caught stealing from an npc and a ui saying “executed”

Then just use a guillotine…

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could you explain what this is?

Search it up. It is an execution method.

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