Is having a red part on an arm okay?

So basically I have a brick where if you step on it, it gives you a red part which says “MP” on it. This is to signify “Military Police.” As this is a UK based place and Military Police have a red armband. The only issue is I am not sure if this is allowed by Roblox since having “Red Armbands” Goes against their TOS.
I don’t think it will but I would like somebody to clarify.



According to the ToS - it’s not allowed whatsoever, so personally I wouldn’t use this. If you need further clarification, you may want to consider contacting Roblox support for an opinion, so they can confirm whether or not it’d be moderated.

Are there no alternative solutions such as having a black armband with white letters? Or a different colour?


Just done some research and the current UK MP have got red armbands BUT there are some with a black armband and red writing so maybe that would be useful.

I will try and contact them to see if I can get moderated for it.

Thanks for the help.

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If you need, I have a MP armband that’s black and white, I can send it tomorrow (it’s a arm fit so the edges arent edges, and its fit to the arm mesh)

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I would like that very much.
Cheers mate.
I will make sure to credit you.

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