Is having gore okay?

Hey guys im making a game with some gore in it. You can chop off peoples arms and RED CIRCLES pop out of their arm sockets and RED CIRCLES appear on the floor.

It’s sort of like that gladiator game. Anyway just wondering if it’s okay to have a bit of blood in my game


In my opinion, you’ll get away with some blood, games like phantom forces have blood and they have never had action against them for it. You can have a little blood and gore as long as it’s not too violent.


Roblox is really inconsistent with this. My opinion is too keep it cartoony and you should be okay.


I agree, if it’s not to extreme it will be fine

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Yeah, try to not make it too extreme or disturbing. Try to make it look funny, for example instead of blood, red circles are good like you said. Also, try to make a low-poly cartoony style. Just picture in your head if a little kid would enjoy playing this without his/her parents getting upset. Roblox is kind of all over the place with this also, try to do some more research.


Roblox doesn’t really care about how much gore you have in your game. Okay, maybe extreme cases like having very realistic blood and organs spilling out of a Robloxian would be over the edge, but Gladiators and Phantom Forces run on lots of blood and are still up, abeit with cartoony, plastic blood. Games like Camping have some realistic blood, but in small amounts, like small puddles.

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Afaik, if its not depicting intensely graphic violence, it should be ok.

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As long as the game has a mild amount of gore, your game will be fine in that case.

You should make an option for enabling/disabling gore, as some people might not be fonded with the idea of gore.

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Just don’t make it realistic or too much and you’re good.