Is is possible to check if the player is walking on a shadow

its pretty self explanatory, i wanted to print something if the player is on the shadow.


I think its not possible…you can always just keep the same hour everytime and make invisible parts on the Shadow of the tree and use magnitude to check if the player is in the parts

but it will be pretty hard to replicate exactly the shadow with parts

You Could try to duplicata the tree and lay the other tree on the ground

yeah but its multiple meshes
i wonder how could i do it…

How many meshes? You cant unify meshes right?

also i changed trees, so there is now about 17 meshes and you cannot indeed unify meshes

Or just make a circle and put on the ground

yeah but the collisions will be kind of bad, well you know what forget it

Colisions?wdym with that?it still works ig

You could track the time of day and use a shadow detector part that positions itself to match the shadow position.

This post might be able to help you when someone had the issue as you. Here . Seems like they were able to do by raycasting the players head to the sun.

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i just wanted to say about that, there were several post about it on devforum

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Im looking at it right now, this might help me. Thanks you!

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