Is it a good idea to monetize the pvp aspect of my game?

I’m just going to give a little backstory on my game here,

My game has many aspects to it, one feature is that there’s an arena where you and other people can fight it out with their powers. To buy better powers you need BP (battle points) and you get it from winning battles.

You can also buy BP with robux. The downside of this is that people might feel like the game is pay to win even though the pvp aspect isn’t the main point of the game, the upside is that pvp games can get very competitive and people really want to win, spending robux on BP will allow them to get better powers and have a better chance at winning.


As long as you don’t give too much power to the people who buy the points, you should be okay. The players should be able to keep up and get just as many points as people who can buy it.

Another alternative is instead of having people buy these points, give them multipliers for X period of time. Therefore, they have to play the game and they still have to work for those points.

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