Is it a violation of the ToS to include a Roblox group link within a UI in an Experience?


In my game, I’m using billboards to allow users to strictly advertise their Roblox groups (nothing that directs users off-site).

And I’ve scripted the billboards so that when you click on them, a brief description of the advertisement appears in a UI box that allows you to select the text on it.

Is it a violation of the ToS to include a Roblox group link in the UI, or will I be fine?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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Well this would probably be okay, but there’s a massive issue with this, and that’s copy and pasting. You can’t copy and paste text from UIs, unless it’s a text box, but that’s just overall inconvenient. Put in mind some people will be on Mobile too.

You could instead put the link in the description of the game or something and have the UI direct you there.

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It has already been scripted so that you can copy and paste the text in the UI on both the computer and the phone; I’ve tested them and they work perfectly, this allows users to copy the group link and paste it into their browser!

It is inconvenient to add another group’s link to the actual game description because it is only a temporary advertisement. Users, for example, can pay Robux to have their Roblox groups advertised in the game.

So having over ten different advertisements in the game and ten different group links in the actual game description won’t make sense.

My main concern was whether or not including a Roblox group link in the UI violated the Terms of Service.


It’s fine, but make sure it’s an actual group link that gets displayed.

Do you think it’s safer to just include “” without the “https://”?

do check PolicyService | Roblox Creator Documentation
you want to make sure AreAdsAllowed is true, s.t. the player can see any ads in-game
there’s another return AllowedExternalLinkReferences, but this is for off-platform links. Roblox is never included in these AFAIK (haven’t tested in a long time) so I believe Roblox is an ‘internal’ link reference, allowed for everyone

*If you wanted to be extra stingy you could manually mark ads as appropriate for <13 users or not, since you can fetch that info from Roblox as well. Just in case there may be some weird case where someone finds a group ad offensive for their child.

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But if you’re on Mobile, I don’t think someone is going to close Roblox and join your group. If you’re thinking to do a group benefit thing, that won’t work if they stay in-game, they have to rejoin to refresh it.

It’s not for my group. As previously stated, it is for others to pay Robux to advertise their groups in my game.

The text copying feature is designed to make it much easier for PC players to copy and paste the link into their browser. The feature simply works on mobile devices by default.

Perfect! Thank you for your assistance!

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