Is it against Roblox TOS to make robux prized tournaments

I’m working on a new game, that is pretty much Tetris Battle much like Puyo Puyo Tetris and Tetr (dot) io and i’m looking to make 1v1 or more battle style for Roblox, and because Tetris isn’t my idea or my creation I’m looking to use the robux made from the game and just give them away in the form of robux prized tournaments but I don’t know if Roblox is ok with me doing this because I know that group funds giveaways are prohibited. And of course I know I won’t be using the word Tetris in my game because my game could just get taken down due to copyright issues.


Yes, hosting giveaways for robux is against TOS. You’re not allowed to do that.


no i meant tournaments with robux prizes

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It’s somewhere in the TOS but I found it in the community rules, yes you are not allowed to host giveaways unless they are official.


I mean tournaments with prizes pools of robux

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It must be official and approved by ROBLOX to be hosted.

If it is from for example you, it must be approved official to be ran legally (under ROBLOX’s rules). Otherwise it is not allowed.

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That’s still a giveaway. Masking it as a tournament isn’t going to prevent anything, it’s still not allowed.


Maybe Roblox updated their TOS about this topic.
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I am not sure but it looks like you can host Robux prized events in Roblox as long as you don’t scam or don’t refer members for the Prize.